Camp Product: A BootCamp Playathon to Build Your Next Product with Ease
Features and Benefits ~ Linking Your Content with What Will Influence Buyers to Buy It

Snack Shack Food for Thought ~ Our Very First Product is..... You. And Me. And Him. And Her. And Them. And Us.

We are the first product we launch to the world.

First product I'm releasing is

Yes, who we are, day-to-day, wherever and whenever we show up – we are the first product our company releases into the world.

We need to remember to be aligned as our “product”

I will be sharing items on a simple checklist throughout the day and week to see how well you are developing your product and to remember how much the “who you are” impacts the rest of what you create and offer to others as you continue to develop your business.

1) What impact do you have on the people you encounter (those you are in mini-relationships with) in your day-to-day life?

You may look for certain clues ~ are your relationships with “everyday” people at the grocery store, at the coffee shop, on waiting lines, at the committee meetings you attend.


  • Are your interactions mutually positive?
  • Do you find yourself in constant gripe sessions or in creative collaboration?
  • Today, reflect and notice what impact you are having on each of your “meaningless” mini-relationships.

You will learn, today, how Samuel – my ten-year-old son, “gets” this and in doing so, creates a more positive world both for himself and for those people in “mini-relationship” with him.

 (What is a mini-relationship? Someone whose name you might not know know but with whom you interact on a somewhat regular basis. Clerks, Crossing guards, other moms at school, fellow football fans may fall into such a category.)


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