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March 24, 2010

Camp Product: A BootCamp Playathon to Build Your Next Product with Ease


Camp Product  It is here! A hands-on, energized with passion product development program specifically created to help your next product created and on the market quickly, with ease, and in a collaborative community where you will receive step-by-step instruction the entire time.

One of my favorite programs to offer you because its value is so ridiculously high is Camp Product - you know how it is: those of us in the healing arts or visual arts or creative arts love our free-flow lifestyle AND we know we need to support it... somehow...and most of the time that means creating a product of some kind.

Sometimes the product you choose to create is  a performance piece or a website or your business plan itself. One time a camper worked on her master's thesis!

I also know sometimes the idea of creating a product is daunting and clunky and uncomfortable
which is why I created "Camp Product" -

It is an intense day of product creation in a Virtual Camp setting followed by a week-long promotion intensive camp where we tweak and polish our product and begin to put our promotional plan into place.

In either one day or in one week, maximum - you will be able to offer a new product which you will be thrilled to offer the world from your blog or website or back-table or lobby or wherever you are most likely to "show up"....

"Camp" is offered via Friday Webinar/At Home Work & Playshop + A Bonus Rest-of-the-week Long follow up for Polish and Camp Product Start June 22 Time Freedom Updated with correct datePromotion.

Next LIVE  Session, 2018 JUNE 22, 2018 (ALL DAY WORK/PLAYSHOP) through June 29 for polish and promotion.

We will hold an intensive day of hourly meetings (recorded, ofcourse, for future reference or to use in self study) with follow up Monday – Friday to polish and promote your new product from 8:30 to 9:30 pm Pacific time on those days.

Wow! Oodles of value - as much as many 12 week programs packaged into a week long program so that you can get your product  to market and immediately bringing you a profit.

Plus recordings of Camp will allow you to continue to revisit, revise and replenish yourself and your product whenever and however you choose in the future.

Have you ever been to a conference, taken a class, read a book on a topic like “Create aWebinar”, “Build Your Blog”, “Write Your Book”, “Ecourse Creator!” got all excited from this "Mountaintop Experience" and then opened the door to your "real life" and were immediately disenchanted with the doing anything productive?

Camp Product creates a form of Mountain Top experience right in your own home - because we meet via Webinar throughout the day to inspire YOUR process in YOUR home and in between times on the phone, you productively create your product because of the step-by-step instruction you receive AND the energized community of people also working to create products quickly, easily and passionately.

Yay! Do you see how powerful this is?

Here is how it works:

We begin the day early - at 6:00 AM Pacific time. This is close to pre-dawn for folks like me, your Lead Camp Product counselor who lives in California.... but for those of you in the East Coast of the US, that meansl 9 am.

In our first Campfire Session of the Day we meet, mingle and get some inspiration for the day and we set our intentions for the entire day and then for that first hour. We create what we want and then we do what we say we were going to do.

We meet again, an hour later at another campfire. We check in, are celebrated and do an energizing campfire activity and then off we go again...These sessions are laser-like and last no longer than 10 - 15 minutes. Call in as often as you like or just a few times throughout the day.

And so on... and so on... and so on....

And guess what happens?

By 3:00 PM Pacific time we have had numerous Camp Fire Meetings together and built that product, step-by-step, segment by segment. We even have follow up sessions to polish and promote – so you will not only have your product, your marketing will be in place and people will begin ordering your product so you will be making money from it before the week is out (or even before the day is out, for some of us.)

I know because I have used this model repeatedly and it works.

I know this because I see it time and time again.

Why join camp product

This isn't theory.

This isn't about turning pages in a book saying, "Oh, I will try that someday," this is like being a part of your own reality show only you are playing along in real time with fantastic people all over the place who are also calling in to "Campfires" from their home bases.

I have used this technique countless times in my own business - went from "no product" to "launching product" to "paying customers" within the span of a work-day.

There is little else as exhilarating as that! With Camp Product, we even give you the additional support of creating your product and then following up the next week to polish and to promote using a variety of methods to insure your success.

Are you ready to create your product, to finally move from “talking about it” to doing it and making a profit from your product?

Maybe I am the only one who used to procrastinate until I found the power of a creative, passionate community.  But I don't think so - this is one of those universal experiences I hear about regularly from my coaching clients, friends, students, neighbors and people in line at the Grocery Store... which is why YOUR time to participate in Camp Product is now.

Don't put it off. Come to Camp Product and have the time of your life. Get unstuck. Feel better. Laugh. Sing. Play. Celebrate.

Camp Product with June Date

Camp Product is about detaching yourself from all your excuses of why you haven’t been making money by developing products and starting to bring money in, quickly, easily and passionately.

Wouldn’t you rather have money than excuses?

I know I would!

What sort of products can you create during Camp Product?

Obvious choices include:

Webinars and Teleseminars



Live Seminars and Trainings

and Audio Programs to name a few.

Some Campers have used Camp Product for personal development and to complete assignments, one time it was even a thesis.

So, what will it be? Easy, passionate product development in creative, collaborative community for only $88 or more excuses and less success?

Yes - Oodles of value - as much as many 12 week programs packaged so that you can get your product out there, bringing you a profit now.

I vote for you joining us at our special,  "Camp Product Reunion Rate" of $77 for this "Rejuvenation" Session! We haven't run this program since 2011 so this re-do is an act of love, passion and heart felt belief that creating a product will make your life and the world a better place. We amplify the Win-Win by keeping the price within reach - and if you have a special circumstance simply reach out to me. Send me an email at [email protected] or private message me on social media.  

To register now, simply click the PayPal link below.

If you would like to speak to me before (or after) registering, please give me a call - 661.444.2735 or send me an email (juliejordanscott at

I welcome contact with you, always and look forward to seeing you at Camp Product!