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January 18, 2015



Yes, we do seem programmed to see what we want to see...I especially like the arrow our noses make when we feel superior. Terrific image that. Thank you.


Ooooh.....this is so brilliant! What a stirring reminder to 'wipe clear the opinions' and instead 'see what is there.' Authenticity is far more beautiful than any preformed ideas one could ever cling to anyways.


Wow, this is very powerful.


Oh, those arrow noses...love the imagery. :-)

Kathe W.

love this- "Why don’t we open our hearts to see what is there" Indeed!

kelvin s.m. (the bystander)

It's knowing someone beyond the cover that makes the love shared together to last longer. A very wonderful poem to read this morning. Thank you!

- ksm

Barbara Lake

Oh yes, how we can close off our memories to things that are today, not as pleasant as the night before.


"the lines distinguishing them and us and you and me and they

as we look down the arrow our noses make when superiority

and tsk tsk tsk smell so much worse than stale beer and

burning flesh" - Brilliant take on the prompt.

Tess Kincaid

Hypocrites indeed...powerful statement...

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