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October 10, 2014



Thanks for sharing the story. As a side note I sometimes come across old poems and can't believe I felt a certain way. Everyday is a step closer to getting better.

Anna Stewart

This set my heart pounding. The repeated phrase was a grounding point through the poem. I thought that worked well. I liked the instant, strong, loud phrase that repeated...both because it's a great line and also because when it's introduced it applies both to the call and potentially the coffee. And the content...wow...did I mention heart pounding? I'm not sure I gathered all the pieces to the story or even the right pieces...my brain went to attempted either self-medication or suicide from the speaker and a potential repeat from the speaker's child...thankfully with happy endings for both...and it was powerfully done. Heart pounding? And if anything I ever said contributed in even the smallest way to this poem...I consider it a compliment of the highest order. This was really powerful...painful but powerful.

Amy McGrath

Painful intensity, but beautifully written and perfect for today. Thank you for delivering such powerful words.

Karen Caterson

Your writing, your open-hearted, REAL writing - oh, I can't find the words to express how much it means to me. Thank you!

Shan Jeniah Burton

Chills. And hugs. And all the love.

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