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October 01, 2014


vivienne blake

Oh those dreaded computer glitches. I lost yearsworth of poetry that way. No coffee for me: verboten, but I vicariously enjoyed your coffee poem instead.

Square-Peg Karen

As always, you inspire me Julie. "elbowing intuition" really grabbed my eye (heart and mind as well!). Yay for coffee and computer fixes!

Morgan Dragonwillow (@MDragonwillow)

Love that you discovered how to make your life happier through your writing (auto caps off, Yay!) and love the line, "Your poems will rise again!"


I love the flow of this poem. Of course, with it having to do with morning coffee, it couldn't help but flow so well. lol Great job!

Payal Agarwal

loved the phrase,"elbowing intuition,". Beautiful!:)

Laura A. Lord

"I smell and hear the coffee percolating two rooms away

separate yet right here, with me it sings me awake"

I really, really want coffee now. Well written.


I laughed out loud at your comment after the poem because that is soooo something I would do and be thrilled with as well! And I dont even like coffee!


Heh not only a lovely poem full of imagery, you also made me need to go and learn a new word! Many thanks.


Nice poem but I respectfully disagree...writing poems is nice but NOTHING beats coffee! :)

Tamara (at PenPaperPad)

This sounds like my mornings. Loved if Julie!

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