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October 05, 2013


Margit Sage

Oh, I love it! Especially "Let your anger grab a pencil sword". :)

I'm glad you left your spine poem on the shelf. :)

kathi wright

beautiful julie
no punctuation purposely
take what you need

- kathi

Ron Potter

Awesome Julie. The feel of freedom. Like a parable of life.


Very good.

Amy McGrath

Perfect list of what we writers go through with every new project! The part I'm working on the most:

"Let go of preconceived notions

say adios to comparisons and the

stomping feet of the inner editor in

the first draft"

elleroy was here

I like "the ending will take care of itself". That is often so true. I'm going along writing something wondering where it will lead and when I get to the end, the closing sentence comes to me. It does take care of itself. ;)


Loved the line to Sniff out the sleeping corners.


Oh, I love this oh-so-much! Especially "Sniff out the sleeping corners/ in your mind/ in your gut/ in between your toes"...

Brilliant. I'm so glad to have discovered you through OctPoWriMo

shah wharton

Superb Julie. There were quite a few moments of 'oh my flip, yeah!' for me in this. :D X

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