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October 03, 2013


Ankit Sharma

You have an amazing art of writing. The art i loved. And remembering the first poetry written is a joy in itself. And this joy is captured so beautifully.

Superb Writing :)


Oh, Julie, I love this! Yes, it is born into us - the rhythm, the comfort, the love of words... This is truly special.


Thanks so much for stopping Julie! I speak Hindi./Urdu! That's what the poem is written in. Thank you so much for your kind words! Your poetry is amazing, it's very touching and so beautiful!

Morgan Dragonwillow (@MDragonwillow)

Wow... simply wow. I know that there are some that can remember from the womb but I can't, and that is probably for the best. Thank you so much for sharing this journey.

Beth Camp

This poem sets a wonderful vision of first awareness of life as well as love and poetry. I enjoyed the rhythm of bum boom bum boom. Lovely!

Esther Spurrill Jones

This gives me chills... in a very good way. Thank you for sharing.

elleroy was here

I love the rhythm of this Julie. it's so lyrical - "my red blanket home..." Really, really lovely.

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