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October 04, 2013



oh...you sound like a fairy :)


Very nice! I love "my heart hits the quilt". Makes me see a handmade quilt given to you by someone dear.

Beth Camp

Any poem that celebrates quilts and feathers is just fine! Very gentle. I loved it. PS I'm a quilter. :)

Morgan Dragonwillow (@MDragonwillow)

Ah yes, the image of the sweet feather bed, love it!


I love the "free tumble" part. xoA

Julie Jordan Scott

It is my shortest poem of the month. I just couldn't seem to plan a poem or be at all intellectual with my poem for my own prompt! LOL. Thank you for your comments, very much!

elleroy was here

"...my heart hits the quilt" Such a great line. This was so comforting and soothing. Exhale. Sigh. Relaxation! You described it so well, I could picture myself just falling onto that comfy bedding and drifting off. Isn't that just the stuff of fantasy now? Just being able to drift off to a comforting rest after a long, arduous day?

shah wharton

I know I left a comment to this, but it's not here? I said some thing like - "Oh, the free of freedom," because this is how it made me feel. X

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