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October 03, 2012


Morgan Dragonwillow

Oh sweet Julie, I am honored that my words helped you go to a place you haven't gone before. I had no idea that they would do such a thing. I only wrote what I was guided to write, how I often am. I originally had a completely different prompt. I am glad I listened.

Peace to you friend.

Morgan Dragonwillow

I read it again, and again. I wanted to make sure I understood. I do. There are no words.

I see you, I hear you, I am listening.

Julie Jordan Scott

It was extraordinary. It remained wordless for a long time and now I will feel more comfortable speaking about this moment in time. (It was the moment my brother, John, died, and my soul attempted to follow him....)

Beth Camp

I feel the passion and pain in this poem, but without your comment, I would never have connected the poem to the death of a loved one. This poem needed to be written -- and may lead to more. Sometimes I think that we don't face the reality that we are alone. Your poem suggests anguish. I hope for healing.


I know that feeling. It is so very hard to put into words but you did. Thank you

Julie Jordan Scott

Here's something that may be strange that differentiates me and some other poets. I am more about connecting with the reader - people know this disconnected feeling. My experience came from my brother's death, but because I didn't say "my brother's death" the reader can make it mean anything, especially whatever it is they are going through... I am so grateful for the commetns!

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