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February 19, 2011


Shah Wharton

Wow - this could be me! Its one of the things I love about good writing: it surpasses boundaries of individuality and joins the readers together in an indisputable connection. Psychiatry has been by burden and saviour through my life. I live now, I found that I mostly struggled before. I really enjoyed this poem.

I'm here from onestoppoery btw. Im new there. Good to meet you. Shah .X

Rinkly Rimes

Glibbly it's called 'finding oneself', And I'm glad you did.

pete marshall

i just said on another poem that today will lead to a day or reflection..reading your story here certainly touched me too...the story behind and the words of the verse most definitely were close to home...wonderfully written and i loved the rhyme..thanks for sharing pete


Life is always a struggle somewhere along the way. I hope your life has gotten better over the years.

Michele Brenton aka banana_the_poet

I liked this poem a lot. The story behind it is inspiring and the photos are well chosen to complement its simple truth.

Ramesh Sood

Yes finally to choose the start.. this is essence of living.. do have a look at my post two.. at One Stop Poetry..

Kodjo Deynoo

Now begin, great write, really enjoyed reading this

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