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January 03, 2011


Eric 'Bubba' Alder

Oh, to be that lucky soul!

Very nice piece, Julie.


very intriguing! makes me wonder about the person for whom the poem was intended as well as the person the poem turned out to be for.

Michael Yost

What's just beyond our reach.


sweet ending.
this one seems easier for me to understand.
love the twist.

thanks for the contribution.


Sometimes we don't know what we think or feel until we start to write about it in a poem. This is quite wonderful.

Hope you are enjoying Rally with visits and visitors.

Nice to "meet" you. Warmest regards for 2011.

Jon Klassay

That's very sweet and sad... very heartfelt. I know what you mean.


Your words are lovely. I hope that person can read this. :)


its so beautiful! a sudden realisation that "YOU" is the one you love. "you" might not be the first person you thought of, but "you" is the one. lovely poem, and thanx for commenting on my poem!


that elusive 'you' we always hope and long for.

i'm not very good with words when i say them and i don't know why i'm saying this actually. it just reminded me of the many times i tried to say something and ended up with nothing but some mockery.

anyway, nicely done ending here.



Beautiful... Sometimes we don't notice love when it's so close...

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