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December 25, 2010


Gemma @ Greyscale

An enigmatic, rhythmic manifesto that would suit the female poet longing to orchestrate her own sound!


"The poet's manifesto is framed with love.", how true! :-)


And love is all about dying to oneself and just loving unreservedly. At least I think I'm seeing that in your well-crafted poem.

Old Grizz

the words..the picture...how you put everything together awakens my mind and makes me glad I stopped in. to see...to understand..to forgive...to love


Julie, this niggles at the part of me that really isn't part of who I AM...the remnants of stories that no longer serve, the judgments that hold me back from love...the part I want to die to.


She is getting it, the progression on this piece is awe inspiring and wonderful as we follow along the growth pattern. Very well done! Thanks for sharing!


I love this, and I am smiling.


Really inspiring. Like an innoculation. Protection against. Strength from within. You are one to watch. Cheers in the new year.


This was super! A beautiful piece of work.

Jingle poetry

what a woman with LOVE centered in life.
incredible entry,
Happy New Year.

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