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October 22, 2010


Rene Foran

Julie..having struggled with infertility this magpie really hit home with me.

I remember wishing so much for signs of life...


oh man...a little more than i ever thought i knew...but i feel the painful emptiness there at the end..

Angie Muresan

The sadness of this piece... I am so sorry for all women who go through infertility.


wondrous ending,
love the rich texture in your words..

cool magpie.

Miss Nikki

Loved this! Loved the ending, loved the sense of futile hope


dang! fantastic how you captured the hope and the disappointment - hat off - this was very well done!


oh so well done- infertility makes one feel like a walking time bomb..."will it be this month?"


very sad, my daughter had a miscarriage last year and it was so hard on her...your poem is so poignant yet so hopeful...well done...bkm


Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

(btw, the new Magpie prompts are posted on Wednesdays or Thursdays. I had a super busy week, so this one was posted extra early.)


This was a dig down deep and see into the pain and sorrow a woman feels going through this. A powerful poem. Nicely crafted for mag 37 or just nicely written poem.


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