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September 08, 2010



ah the beauty and power of words. I love them.

Ramesh Sood

This is indeed a beautiful poem.. lines..and sound feast, robust verbs and ,poignant nouns grace,the tip of my pencil,to find their way home,to your mind your heart,your memory - you


There's so much beauty - and truth - in your feast of words JJS.


Wonderful, I loved it!:-)


That was wonderful!


I was charmed and made breathless by your robust thoughts Julie!

I wish my thoughts were robust today, but could only pen five short lines then... :)

good morning charming lady! may others feast on your robust thoughts too! :)

Gary Baker

Phew - heady stuff. Really excellent.

vivienne blake

I misread the third word as REBUS, which was quite a puzzle. I like what you wrote.


beautiful write...loved how with three words you composed the whole poem :)



Now in doing that is not easy, I have not tried it before but you have inspired me. Well depicted and so beautifully expressed. Thanks for sharing x

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