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August 05, 2010


Sherry Blue Sky

Wow, Julie! I LOVE your "word flood", the tumbling thoughts and words upon the page......you certainly are "doing it right!!!!" You inspire! Write more, write on! I especially love "wherever I create inthe centre ofthe pulse ofthis exact time in this exact place"......powerful. Inspired.

Lauri aka alaurilee and @grnladybug (on twitter)

Very Nice!! I feel it!

My fav lines were:

but alas, my soles are in reality

and I know, I know in between

the pulses of my heart…

My Sanctuary begins in saying

Hello and let’s go and let’s grow


Excellent take on the prompt! Writing creates a wonderful sanctuary for many people, including myself. Astounding post!



Wow Julie and double wow!
This is fantastic and I do see the similarities
between our sanctuaries!

Average Poet

Hi Julie, it seems our sanctuaries are somewhat similar, I like the flow and you have some great passages, particularly the last verse.


elegant words.
reality and fantasy have gaps,
I am glad that yours are simply being able to create, express, and love.

Eileen T O'Neill

Welcome to this Thursday Think Tank.
Your words were very calming and a pleasure to read. A feel of sanctaury was obvious.
Best wishes,


Julie, I like the concept of sanctuary being wherever you create...and in the here and now! Nicely expressed.


Julie, I like the idea of you being able to find your own sanctuary, wherever you want it. Significent poem!



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plus Thursday Poets Rally announcement,..


welcome join us next Wednesday!

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