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August 08, 2010


Jae Rose

Hi Julie..I am glad you have accepted the 'half-eight-way-there-smile' (this phrase made me smile all the way there!)..I think she would have a lot to say. Maybe she was about to say it..maybe she has left the space for us to imagine what she could see..lovely piece and interpretation of the prompt..Jae

Nara Malone

It reminds me of the smile you get when someone has said something you shouldn't smile at, but the smile is trying to sneak through anyway. One eighth smile really suits what we see.


Always prefer the almost smile but then I'm English so agree re overbearing.... My Sunday Scribble

BJ Roan

I like the "half-eight-way-there-smile", but disagree that an American grin is "overbearing". I have a wide smile and laugh lines to prove it. A full smile is a warm welcome, good to see you kind of thing, but then my smile encompasses my eyes and my heart, not just my mouth. There are those, in all countries, who hide their disdain behind a fake smile.


very thoughtful.. i wondered of this a lot myself :)

Linda may

I think she is 1/8th smiling thinking, Oh God please someone invent a camera so i don't have to sit here for so long and can go to the loo. Lol.


I had not thought of this...could is also be that she was simply a happy and pleasant woman and the half smile was at ease on her face? Well done.




True indeed, a beautiful painting and the mysterious behind it, that was a question I asked my parents before, and one eighth smile is just great=D

Old Egg

Da Vinci was notoriously long in his execution of paintings so what may have started as a happy beaming smile has deteriorated to the barest sign of one as the painting progressed.

Great post.

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