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July 02, 2010



nicely done- I enjoyed this thoughtful piece


Wonderful piece. I love how you took the pink and the stitching, and worked your inner feelings in. Magic.


'Girly girlness' ... something about these two words strikes a wonderful chord in me. (My mother made all of my clothes growing up ~ anything I asked for.) Thank you for writing this.


Lovely piece and that need for a mother to understand her daughter..to understand her need for pink, for ruffles for being a girl...bkm

one more believer

growing up a tomboy and my mother who sewed our clothes i can wonderfully admire your beautiful 4th of july poem... trying to fit right takes time... now i am in possession of a pink purse and feel totally empowered... haha.. aint it cool... fireworks

brian miller

nice unique take on the prompt...i like it...never much for pink mysel...but remember mom sewing quite a bit...nice magpie.

Dina Spice

Once again Julie you've got me thinking!

As a child growing up, I always worked hard to impress my father by doffing at all things girly. Now a woman, with so much wrapped up in being seen as "strong", I feel like I gypped myself. I think we sometimes are taught that being strong is not being feminine. I hope I do a better job with my daughter, who loves to wear a dress when she digs in the dirt....

Thank you for such a thoughtful poem!

- Dina


Oh, there is so much story here! Delightful!


Really very good poem... Pink makes my ghostly skin have some living color! I am Pretty in Pink!!


Hah! A really pretty poem... reliving the pink days...
Have a glorious July.. :))

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