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    I secretly write because it is the one place I can be totally honest, totally who I am. The fears, the stories melt away and I am free. I am always amazed at what comes from my fingers to the page. I continue to be in awe of what I know, what excites me, what is real for me. I feel my god-self in my wisdom. I feel courage as I tackle old worn out beliefs. I feel giddy as beauty and gratitude are expressed. I feel humbled to understand yet another piece of life through my pen.

    I secretly write because I love words; I love our language; I love alliteration; I love metaphor. I secretly love to write, not to capture a sunset, but to co-create with it.

    I secretly write because on the page, I can work through most anything that is troubling me. It’s cheap therapy.

    I secretly write because I can not not write.

    I secretly write because the gratitude high that results is better than drugs or chocolate. Writing directly taps into joy, tears…soul stuff. Writing is creation. Like God said at the end of each day of creation, “…and it is good.”

    Julie Jordan Scott

    Beautiful. So grateful to read your response this morning.

    I completely "get" the co-creating with sunset... it is almost like your words are part of my sunrise today and for that... gratitude is the beginning of the words and right now, there is no end...

    THANK YOU plus....


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