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    I write because something inside demands I take pen to paper or hand to keyboard and put these mental impressions that occur down somewhere. I write because someplace deep inside there is some story waiting to get out. I write because when I look out my window I don't just see "trees," and "grass" and "birds." I see soft golden sunlight filtering through the leaves of the neighbors sycamore, backlighting the large spider web on their flying goose weather vane. I hear a thrush singing joyously, telling the world how glorious this new day is. I smell damp grass and wet dog fur after my cocker spaniel walks through the door. I see the roses, slightly opened, dew glinting from their pink and cream petals. I write because that is how Spirit expresses through me as Itself.

    Earlier their was a prompt about "what if" this flowed in response over the weekend

    I fear
    if I let go of the safety cord I will float away
    and disappear
    because there is nothing
    substantial to anchor me

    I fear
    if I throw the door open wide
    instead of releasing magical dreams of wonderous journies
    I will only find
    a void

    I fear
    if I dig down deep
    in search of the buried treasure I always believed was there
    I will instead find
    the treasure simply illusion

    I fear
    if I try to pull back the layers in search of complexity
    once past the protective outer skin
    there will be nothing
    just hallowness

    I fear
    I may be just a shell like so many others
    buffeted by the waves washed up on the beach
    except for the sound of the sea
    whispering of what once was

    Do I dare dig deep?
    Do I dare let go?
    Do I dare throw open wide the doors?
    Or shall I cling to fear
    stay safely wrapped
    inside my grey cocoon.

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