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    Lauren Strouse

    I have been experiencing some "resistance" to the prompts - I think in part because I have been feeling some resistance to living fully, to accepting and processing the changes that occured in my life this summer - a job loss and the loss of my father. I guess sometimes we have to struggle first, and then we write -
    What if I could allow myself to spend as much time as I desire, or maybe need, watching the hummingbirds at the feeder, the clouds passing by overhead, listening to the chattering jays and the hum of the bees in the garden, sitting and feeling the warm sun, the cool breeze?
    What if I could cry until I was exhausted?
    What if I could let someone else take care of me, of my needs?
    What if I could admit how I really feel right now, all confused and lost?
    What if I could honestly and completely open myself, surrender myself, to allowing Spirit to fully express Itself through me and as me?
    What if I could let go of all false limiting beliefs, both subconscious and conscious?
    What if I wrote every day with the same commitment I gave to the job I lost?
    What if I treated my writing like it was as important as being loving and kind?
    What if I painted or created the found object collage I have been thinking about?
    What if I joined the local writer's group?
    What if I stopped being afraid of flying?
    What if I became willing to put my spontaneous writing out there instead of always feeling I need to rework it first?
    What if I wrote something that made someone else feel joy or feel inspired or helped them to see beauty?
    What if I could allow myself to the work necessary to lose the weight I always say I want to lose?
    What if I put music on every day and danced?

    Julie Jordan Scott

    absolutely beautiful, Lauren. Wow.

    The power of "What if?"


    Im stunned by your creation. Keep this thing going.

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