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    Julie Jordan Scott

    I am looking so forward to reading what everyone writes today!


    I linked! Apparently, I wrote a poem! :)

    Julie Jordan Scott

    Yes, you did! I love it!

    adelita [adela is adela rubio]

    I write so i have a record of a few of the more interesting monologues going on in my head.

    I want to write specifically in the ANYWC because it seems like a great venue for turning those monologues into multilogues.

    One area I want to explore is posting-before -perfect... without a preview.
    Another is the different kinesthetics and inspirationality of writing through a keyboard, instead of my hand.
    A third may be to turn off the spelling/grammar nazi.

    Adela Rubio


    Your post threw me off...ha ha ha! Adelita is what my mother used to call me. Great to meet a sister.

    Adela Rubio

    PS I write, because there is no other way but YES! YES! YES! to writing.


    I write because.... I have something to say, and I may be too shy to say it in person. Or I may be too scared to say in person. Or I may come up with just the right words and I can’t remember them 2 minutes later to say, so I write them down. I write to learn about myself and the world. I write to share with the world and connect with something bigger than myself. I write, period.

    I want to write in the And Now You Write Community specifically because.... Julie Jordan Scott rocks and I wanted to experience her joy for life and writing. I wanted to exercise my writing muscle everyday without judgment.

    If I was glaringly honest, I might admit I am a little freaked out at the thought of writing..... with other amazing writers, of exposing myself in a raw naked way.

    A couple of areas I hope to explore in my writing are....me, myself, and I.
    And just for kicks, I want to tell you.... I’m also doing this in an effort to learn how to get out of my own way.

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