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Haiku 1/377
Haiku 347/377

Tree Hug 1 of 377 and Beyond

There is no purer love.

We had a great time today... including the mulberry whispers to not be afraid when my neighbor pulled up as I was about to speak to the camera... I’m taking these photos in different ways. This one was taken via video screen shot. Tree hug 1 of 377 and beyond

I even capture me saying “shhhh!” to the camera and running behind the tree. My neighbor thinks I’m really odd, already so what does any of this matter?!

“We’re all community” the mulberry reminded me. All the people I love and those I don’t care for, we’re all community.”

She’s so much smarter than me. She thanked me for being a loving caretaker.

I shed a few tears. And a few laughs.

PS you know a hug or kiss is deep when the glasses come off! 🤣😂🤣

This will be a fantastic adventure, that’s for sure.


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