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Haiku 347/377
Good Morning, Love (June, 2022)

Tree Hug

Sometimes tree hugging is a payerOn a road trip across country, I decided to stop at Central Little Rock High School to hug a tree on campus. I also made a video - which is below. One of the notes I made on my documentation was "Sometimes hugging a tree is a prayer."

Amen and Amen.

In the video (I can't embed it here but you may see it on facebook) I also talk about making beauty - and how making beauty can change the planet. 

If I hadn't had the thought, "I am going to hug a tree at that high school, in Little Rock!" I might have driven right past for so many reasons: there is never enough time, there is always something more important - but creating this body of work - consistently - helped me rise up to a completely different and higher understanding.

The genesis of all of these projects was simply to feel better. That's it. I wanted to connect more deeply with my passions so that depression wouldn't win.

The good news is depression did not win, I'm still moving forward, with love, (some numeral)/377 at a time.






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