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Tree Hug 1 of 377 and Beyond
Tree Hug

Haiku 347/377

Shipwrecked shopping cart haiku 346ship wreck stuck in time
on a deserted island
where is the captain?
- - - - - 
My first photo of a shopping cart was in 2013.
Each one tells a story. This one was on a center island on Ming Avenue near New Stine in Bakersfield. I almost passed it by on the way to “something better” but after I saw a second abandoned shopping cart I knew I had to go back and honor the unheard storyteller who left his or her home behind.
When I looked at the photos and realized none of them showed the fact this cart was on a median, in the middle of a busy street, distinctively on an island.... this haiku fell onto the “page” here on my phone in an instant.
I’m reminded in the dead poet’s society where the boys climb on their desks and say, one by one and some silently “oh captain, my captain” as their beloved teacher leaves - meant to be in shame and wasn’t.
Your task today if you choose to take it is when you come upon someone you haven’t taken the time to see lately, pause and see them, wholly and holy.


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