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March 23, 2014



"his toes touch wood through the holes in his socks"
Great line!

SK Waller

I love the imagery in this. Just lovely.

Bekkie Sanchez

Sounds like a comforting dreamland awaits and Sundays are a favorite. I liked the hole in the sock. Nice take!

Karen S.

You captured my attention, and all the senses, with your vivid words, and especially from the start. It's a very good satchel that waits!


Nicely done


Those holes in the sock made my toes wriggle! LOL


I love this, especially the imagery in the second verse.


The hole in his sock is a great detail. Thank you.


Well done! You are the only one I've noticed so far that's mentioned the satchel.


The hole in the sock etc is a brilliant image. :0)

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