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February 10, 2014


Anna Stewart

I'm most especially fond of the first stanza. It really is a lonesome scene and the stanza captures that. I've always thought there was something a little depressing about things that have lost purpose...the abandoned mailbox, the unplugged telephone, what have you.

That said, the last stanza...tells an entire story. And I like that very much. :-)

Payal Agarwal

Thank you for this prompt..Technology ruined my handwriting! Letters.. Those were the days!:) Enjoyed this haiku symphony..Even I thought one tanka was not enough, so I wrote two..:)

Eden Mabee

Definitely grabbed the send of loss and emptiness there, Julie. And the ending is so sad... I started thinking about all those pets of elderly people who get dropped off at shelters when their owners die or go to nursing homes...


I can feel the need in this, thanks!

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