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October 26, 2013


Anna Stewart

It's amazing how writing about how you can't write about something...leads to writing about it. I love the list ending...all those unused unopened things that are still there...waiting...it really rings true.

shah wharton

I think 'family' is difficult for all of us for vastly different reasons Julie. But you tried, and between the lines, you tackled it. :)

Beth Camp

Loved your take on "not" writing a poem, right from that opening line -- and all the following lines, so honest and true. The result says much about connections to family and a poem I couldn't write. The image could be a book cover as well.

Margit Sage

This is beautiful. I think you embodied one of the reasons I love poetry in this poem. Somehow, with fewer words, it can say more than prose. :)

Payal Agarwal

Emotions shine through these lines..It is so perfect..lovely!

Quinn Gifford

Wow, Julie. What an amazing piece. This really moved me. "I can't write a poem about that" is a phrase we are all too familiar with, you are not alone :)

philomel chowdhury

to write about family is difficult and maintaining an equal relation with every member of the family is more difficult. We always tend to love someone more than the other..that is psychology behind every human relationship.

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