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December 09, 2009



This is a great photo!Sorry I can't concentrate on the poem...my eyes are fixed to the photo!Everyone should have a photo like this in the family album.

Paul Oakley

...the most improbable
Unwench possible...

A wonderful turn of phrase! and raw!

I love the way it all comes down to the altar and that final smirk, in the later, and the handing of the umbrella...

Nicely achieved!

Anthony North

This is very powerful with some great lines. And yes, that photo is incredible.

Neil Reid

Breathtaking, how this poems rolls and soars and dives, by line and word, by meanings implied and not. What’s that old line, a story with “legs”? Well, this poem has wings! Bitter-and-sweet, would be one word, as here it becomes.

“She pulled him inside her first layer”, is a downpour of meaning here it seems to me, or at least that’s what imagination does. Seems quietly too, near to speak the whole poem inside seven words. Powerful wording throughout.

And the photograph Julie, irrepressible, is a perfect and brilliant companion here! Thank you for sharing all of this.


Hi Julie,

Powerful indeed - and the poem's not bad either!! :0) Lots of depth and emotion.

Cynthia Short

What a very interesting idea for a poem and it was wonderfully executed. As the plastic doll watched, her love went to the real woman...powerful.

gautami tripathy

A great photo. And I liked the poem too. Too many layers and so much depth..


Linda Fraser

I think your poem was way better than your photo, but I thought your photo was outstanding!

"Unwench possible for when gazing at the
Perfection of you – dewrinkled though
Injection and expensive doctor visits"

What a world we live in! =(



"Torrential downpours between them

Thunderclaps and slaps of want and

Tangled legs and arms and auburn

Tresses tangled in his strong fingers

Need met when she opened and welcomed

She pulled him inside her first layer"

Those stanzas alone are a perfect poem. Now this poem is erotica to me! :)

Wanda McCollar

Powerful is a good word for your poem, indeed. There is a profundity of layers here, in your poem, in your photo, and in your website. Very cohesive, nicely done.

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