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November 26, 2009


Anthony North

Beautiful and poignant.

Julie Jordan Scott

Thank you, Anthony. I am grateful you came along to read on Thanksgiving.


It is beautiful and poignant. The lines about pressed nose against glass and fogging away the view is incredible.

The way people ignore what's in the room is always good to write about. Thank you for that. Too.


Beautifully told story.
I'm moved by the image beyond the glass, the repetition in
Prepare for cousins after
Cousins after cousins"

but sad.


The cyclical structure ends it poignantly.


Hi Julie,

It does seem terribly sad, this tale of memories of pressed noses, unmentionable names and silent vows broken.

David Moolten

A powerful poem, which evokes the way in which people are forced to confront the most squalid family facts and shortcomings at holidays, and the most tragic memories. Here there is the fault-line of broken relationships, the earthquake shock of loss strongly rendered.

Cynthia Short

Do any of our holidays even barely resemble the "hallmark" moments we crave? I can feel so clearly the sadness of someone not quite "fitting in" and being outside it all.
This poem made me very sad, which means you did a perfect job!

Paul Oakley

A poignant poem taking us through an array of occasions on which family dinners can hurt. No relief in sight. Very moving.

DJ Vorreyer

The cyclical images work well - there's still a lot rumbling under the surface here.

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